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Deprecating Discourse

By soopyc | written on Fri Dec 16 2022 16:00:00 GMT+0800 (Hong Kong Standard Time)

Hi everyone, especially the 2 cool people that signed up for an account on f.soopy.moe.

Discourse is one of the most resource demanding applications running on koumakan. Normally I’d consult everyone using a specific service first before killing it off forever, but this was a special case.

If you’ve followed me on la fediverse, you would’ve seen me going insane about dealing with discourse. This is the case for all ruby based apps that I host, since they all turn to shit after a while and absorbs all my resources.

This is, again, not a thing I’d usually do on a whim. Koumakan has been suffering from constant 100% iowait and almost always it’s some process called “sidekiq”, “unicorn”, “puma” and the likes. This time, my grafana alarm sounded over 14 times in the span of 3 hours when it should never happen. I immediately pulled off discourse and the alarms stopped. Whaddya know.

Anyways, it’s dead now and I am not bringing it back again, not before major upgrades to my infrastructures. Everything koumakan knows about you in discourse has been destroyed securely.

I apologize if this causes any inconveniences. This was unplanned, after all.

Anyways, a fortune cookie for you.

<joshk> joshk@influx:/etc/logrotate.d> sh -n *
<joshk> apache: line 14: syntax error near unexpected token `}'
<joshk> apache: line 14: `}'
<joshk> the plot thickens
<asuffield> those aren't shell scripts
<erich> this wasn't chicken.
                -- in #debian-devel